Our background in the wine industry is pretty straightforward…Alberto’s “roots”, coming from the nearby famous Ribera del Duero wine region inspired him long time ago to work in this industry and me, rather specialized in economics and finance though always enjoying a good glass of wine!

We are in the year 2009 and have just participated in a local wine fair in Beijing. Around us were mainly other countries’ wines, Spanish wines were rarely seen. Also in specialty shops, on wine menus in restaurants and well-known hotels, Spanish quality wines didn’t exist. Spain at that moment was rather known as justcougars a supplier country for bulk wines and olive oil.

So we tried to change this situation, but were not so sure of what would be the right step to follow, by either working for the exporter’s side or to take the courage and establish an own company in China with the idea of importing and also distributing the wines ourselves.

Said and Done. In a couple of months time “Pasion” was fully and officially established and since then we are constantly “learning by doing”, improving, tasting, comparing and – most importantly – offering an interesting range of wines to our customers.

Our company name very reflects the way we are committed to our work and the product itself, full of passion, with patience and consistency.